Our goal is to develop our Department into a Centre of Excellence with respect to its teaching and research capabilities. 'Impart the best possible education to our students is our basic motto.
The Department of Zoology aims at imparting the best possible education to the students in the field of Zoology, Aquaculture and Fisheries. Started primarily as a teaching Department, we have entered into the realm of full-fledged research at the Masters levels, and conduct of major and minor projects funded by various agencies At present, we have 8 faculty members involved in the teaching of the three programmes offered namely, B.Sc. Zoology, M.Sc. Zoology with Fishery Biology and Aquaculture as special subject.
Academic Excellence
The department of Zoology aims at imparting education that stresses on academic excellence as well as the development of critical thought and practical understanding in the field of Zoology, Aquaculture and Fisheries. The department strives to ensure that students have a basic, albeit holistic understanding of Zoology and General Biology: with in-depth knowledge in their chosen subject along with a broad and clear understanding of ideas outside their discipline. The department strives to ensure that students of the graduate course develop an ability to put what they learn in the greater context of the vibrant diversity of organisms and their ecological and evolutionary significance. As such, the department is involved in imparting practical skills and knowledge in observing and studying ecosystems and techniques in scientific and experimental investigation.
Life Skills
The department, which started off as a teaching department, has now evolved a full-fledged research programme at the Masters Levels, and conducts major and minor projects. The department values independent work and emphasizes the role of personal development, self-directed study and discovery in learning. We believe that students should possess the skills to apply their knowledge and learning in real life situations, paving the way for greater employment opportunities including in the area of self- employment.
Eco-Centric View 
As a department engaged in the “Life Sciences”, great importance is placed on instilling in the students a deep understanding and appreciation for nature and the need for its preservation and conservation. The department strives to ensure that students take an active role in understanding environmental issues and their responsibility as students of the Zoological Sciences. To this end, the department initiates and conducts several community-based outreach activities which involve the active participation of students to the greatest extent possible.
A note on the Department:

The department of Zoology was established in the year 1970 with B. Sc. Degree Course. The Post Graduate Degree was introduced in 1982, with a sanctioned strength of 10 students. Currently, The department has 8 faculty members in the following courses: B. Sc. Zoology, M. Sc. Zoology with Special Subject Fishery Biology and Aquaculture, and 4 technical staff members.

At present the sanctioned strength of the courses offered are: 
Undergraduate course: 36x3=108
Postgraduate course: 12x2=24
The built up area of the department is 873.3 square meters.
For the last five years, the department has had a success rate of 95% , with at least 80% securing first class.

B.Sc. Zoology
M.Sc. Zoology

Academic Progress 
Academic Year

87.5 % 
76.66 %