To enhance the abilities of the students in sports and games and to help them achieve physical fitness and become health conscious.
The Department of Physical Education was established in 1967
List of the Teachers through the years in chronological order.
  • K.G. Purushothaman (Period: 06-10-1967 To 18-01-1986)
  • T.K. Sobha (Period: 07-02-1978 To 16-04-1993)
  • K. Sadesh (Period: 18-01-1986 To 05-06-2001)
  • K. Baiju (Period: 17-04-1993 To 03-06-1996)
  • K. Sadesh (Period: 23-07-2001 To 30-05-2005)
  • T.K. Sobha (Period: 03-06-1996 To 01-06-2000)
  • K. Baiju (Period: 02-06-2000 To 01-06-2003)
  • T.K. Sobha (Period: 02-06-2003 To 31-03-2005)
  • K. Madhu (Period: 01-07-2005 To 22-08-2005)
  • K. Baiju (Period: 23-08-2005 To - )



In 1995, Ramachandran won the silver medal in All India Intervarsity Athletics and later he participated in 2000 Sidney Olympics.
Shinil won Bronze medal byin body buildingin the Interzone Competition in 2008 .
K.J.Rich won Gold medal by in Archery in the Inerzone Competition in 2008.
Jibin won Bronze medal in Boxing by in the Inerzone Competition in 2008.
Our volleyball team was the runner up in the Calicut University 'D' zone volleyball championship and qualified to participate in the inter zone tournament. Vipin.P.V. of Ist B.A. Economics was selected to the Calicut Universiry volleyball team and he participated in the Inter University championship in 2002-03.
College shuttle badminton team was the runners up in the 'D'zone intercollegiate shuttle badminton tournament and qualified to the interzone tournament.
The best sportsman of our college for the year was Vipin.P.V. For his excellent performance in the interzone and inter university tournaments.
Individual championship of men section in the college annual athletic meet was shared by Roopesh.K.R and Rajaneesh. N.D. Individual champioship of women section was Rajalakshmi.C.S.
In the District College Games Prasanth. K.P won Gold Medal in Shot put and Discus
throwin 2003-04. He won second place in Shot put in the State College Games.
Our Volley ball team participated in Thrissur District College games in 2003-04 and secured Second place.
In the 'D' zone volley ball our team was third and qualified for the inter zone tournament.
Sooraj.M. Jayaraj participated in the University best physique competition and won silver medal in below 80kg. Category in 2003-04.
Badminton team participated in the 'D' zone inter collegiate tournament and qualified for the inter zone tournament in 2003-04.
Athletic team participated in the University Athletic Meet in 2003-04.
Prasanth.K.P. Won second prize in Shot put and discus throwin 2003-04. Dharmaraj. K.R. Won I place in Discus and Javelin and II place in Shot put in Thrissur District Athletic Meet and Vineeth.K.V was third in 200 and 400mts.race.



Teaching Staff

Sri. K. Baiju
Sri. K. Baiju
Assistant Professor