Dr. Chitra G

Department :

Present position :Assistant Professor

Date of birth : 1968-05-11


No. 3/543-4, Thejus, Aagosham Corner, Padukkad, Viyyur P.O- 680010 Thrissur,

Email : cprasadbalakrishnan@gmail.com

Phone : 9747512089    

Total teaching experience : seven years and six months

Educational qualifications : MSc,Ph.D, B.Ed.,



Courses taught


Research experience

Five years

Major research projects completed: Title of the project, Date of sanction and Duration, Grant received, Funding agency. PI or

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Minor research projects completed: Title of the project, Date of sanction and Duration, Grant received, Funding agency. PI or Co-PI.

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Number of students awarded Ph.D. degree: Name of the student, topic of research, date of registration, date of declaration of Ph.D. degree.

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Number of students registered for Ph.D. degree: Name of the student, topic of research, date of registration.

 Calicut University recognized as research guide in Botany with e.f.30-05-2014,U.O.NO.5207/2014/Admn.

Name of the student-Ms. Sruthy E.P.M(Full-Time)


Period-21-05-2018 to 20-05-2024.

Participation in conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops: International, national, state or university level, attended. Presented paper, chaired session. Resource person.


1. Conducted classes on Waste management in connection with NSScamp at S.N.College,Nattika on19-12-2014.

2. Participated in the two day Thrissur District level Bala Sasthra Padanolsavam  as Resource Person conducted by Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath held at S.N.College Nattika on 20th &21st  January 2018.


1.As Convener conducted World Wetlands Day Celebrations2018 from 2nd to 7th February by Dep. of Botany ,Biodiversity Club &Nature Club in collaboration with KSCSTE at S.N COLLEGE ,Nattika

2.As a Coordinator organised OZONE DAY CELEBRATIONS 2018 jointly by Dep.of Botany &Biodiversity club in collaboration with KSCSTE at S.N.College ,Nattika.


1. Presented a poster on “Biochemical studies on selected macroalgae of Thikkodi coast, Kerala” conducted by National seminar on Algae for sustainable agricultural production held at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai onSep.29-30, 2014.

2. Presented a paper on “Seaweeds of Kerala Coast and their Utilization”conducted by National Biodiversity Conference held at Kanakakunnu Palace,Thiruvananthapuram on Feb26&27,2015

3. Presented a paper on Evaluation of antioxidants and phytochemical screening of Caulerpa peltata Lamour and Centroceras clavulatum (Ag.)(Mont.) conducted by 3rd National  Biodiversity Conference  held on 23rd &24th  February,2017 at Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala.


1.  Attended the seminar on “All India symposium on algal resources, their management, Biology, Chemistry & Utilization” organized by the Dept.of Aquatic Biology &  Fisheries, and Seaweed Research & Utilization Association, Madras at Thiruvananthapuram from 25 -27 November, 1991.

.2. Attended the National seminar on Environment and Development conducted by Kerala University Research Students Union at Thiruvananthapuram on May 7-9, 1997.

  3.   Attended the National seminar on Biodiversity Utilization & Management for Natural Harmony, jointly organized by Dept. of Botany & Zoology, K.K. T.M. Govt. College, Pullut, sponsored by Govt. of Kerala on February 8 & 9, 2012       

   4.  Attended the International Conference on Ecosystem Conservation,Climate Change and Sustainable       Development(ECOCASD2013) organized by Dept.of Aquatic         Biology& Fisheries, University of Kerala in association with Department of Environment & Climate Change,Govt.of Kerala and Ambo University,Ethiopia during 3-5 October2013.

  5. Presented a paper on “Seaweeds of Kerala Coast and their Utilization”conducted by National Biodiversity Conference held at Kanakakunnu Palace,Thiruvananthapuram on Feb26&27,2015

 6.Participated in the U.G.C sponsered  national seminar on Biodiversity conservation-Threats and challenges.University college TVM on August 18&19,2015.

 7.ttended UGC sponsered National seminar on contemporary issues in capital and derivatives market in India organised by PG Dep.of Commerce S.N College Nattika on 10-11December 2015.

8. Attended UGC Sponsered National seminar on Number theory,discrete mathematics and their applications organised by S.N.College,Nattika in association with Kerala Mathematical Association on 18-19 Febryary 2016.





Innovative processes developed in teaching and learning.

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Participation in curricular development (member board of studies)


   Member,U.G &P.G Board of studies of Vimala College(Autonomous) Thrissur(2015-2017)


 Journal of Seaweed Research Utilization


,Journal of Phytology.


Question paper setting,U.G and P.G. ST.Thomas College,Thrissur

Question paper setting,P.G.Maharajas College Ernakulam

Participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

 College activities

Biodiversity club( co-ordinator ) ,Career Guidance and Placement Cell  member,Net Coaching,Farmclub member,Nature club member .

 Programmes in Audio-Visual media                                                            


       Radio programmes (Botany)-4

1)       Presented talklets on the botanical importance of various medicinal plants in the programme “Haritham” over All India Radio, Thrissur from 14-17 Sep 2011 at 7 a.m.

2)       Presented a talk on palatable seaweeds in a programme for rural women over All India Radio, Thrissur on October 26, 2012 at 12:40 p.m.

3)       Presented talklets on Ornamental Plants in the programme Haritham over All India Radio,Thrissur from 15,18,20,22,27 Nov.2013 at 7:a.m.

4)       Presented talk ''Veettiloru poonthottam '' in the programme “Aroghyavedi'' over All India Radio, Thrissur on 13-07-2016 at 12.40p.m.

Refresher and Orientation courses attended

 Training programmes

 1. Attended the state level training programme on National Watershed development programme for rainfed areas organized by Dept. of Agriculture soil conservation unit, Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram, from 17-22 June, 1996.

2. Participated in the UGC-Sponsored Orientation Programme conducted by the UGC- Academic Staff College Calicut from 16.05.2013 to 12.06.2013.

3. Participated in the UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course in Life Sciences(Multidisciplinary)  Programme conducted by the UGC-Academic Staff College ,Calicut from 04.07.2014 to 24.07.2014.

 4. Attended Hands-on workshop on Techniques in phytochemistry conducted by K.K.T.M.Govt.College on Nov.25,26,&27,2014

 5. Attended International lecture cum hands on workshop in advanced techniques of molecular biology organized by Dep. of Botany KKTM Govt.college Kodungallur from nov.25 to 27,2015.

 6. Attended  lecture cum hands on workshop on Frontiers in Biotechnology organized by Dep. of Botany KKTM Govt.college Kodungallur from nov.22 &23,2017

 7. Participated in the Collegiate education department  sponsered  National Workshop on Basic Phytochemical Techniques.Department of Botany, Govt.Victoria College Palakkad  on August 13-15,2017

8. Attended  in the Nexgene,Kochi sponsered  Hands on  Workshop on” Molecular Biology Techniques and Bioinformatics  organised by the Post Graduate and Research Department of Botany, S.N College Nattika  and supported by DST-FIST Govt.of India on  17th  and 18th  of  January 2018

Examination /Evaluation reforms initiated

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Invigilation for examination internal/external

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Centralised valuation camp attended

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Valuation of other answer scripts

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Publication of research papers: in peer reviewed journals,non-peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings, impact factors, citations, h-index. Numbers in SCOPUS.

List of Research Papers in Journals/Proceedings



1)          Some recipes with sea weeds of Kerala coast

             Sobha V., Chitra G., Santhosh S. and Chandra Thara J.

             Indian Hydrobiology. 11 (1)2008


2)        Comparative study on chemical constituents of sargassum wightii, Gracilaria corticata        and padina tetrastromatica.

            Sobha V., Chitra G., Santhosh S., Hashim K.A. and Valsala Kumar E.

            Indian Journal of Botanical Research. Vol 5(3&4)2009


3)       Comparative study on chemical constituents of Ulva fasciata, Chaetomorpha antennina and Cheilosporum.

            Sobha V., Chitra G., Santhosh S., Hashim K.A. and Valsala Kumar E.

            Indian Journal of Polar Science. Vol 3(1)2009


4)       Alginic acid content in different parts of Sargassum wightii and Padina tetrastromatica

            Sobha V., Chitra G., Santhosh S., Hashim K.A. and Valsala Kumar E.

            Indian Journal of Botanical Research.Vol 5(3&4)2009


5)       Phytochemical screening and anti bacterial activity of Mimosa pudica L. and Mimosa invisa L. against selected microbes

            Chitra G., Athira K.A. and C.T.Anitha

            Nature Environment and Pollution Technology. Vol 11(3)2012


6)A Comparative Study on the Effect of Saeweed Liquid Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of  Vigna radiata(L.)

G.Chitra and P.S.Sreeja

Nature Environment and Pollution Technology,Vol 12(2)2013



7)Replacement of fish meal by algal meal in feeds for Oreochromis mossambicus(Peters)

V.Sobha and G.Chitra

Seaweed Res.Utiln,36(1&2)2014,ISSN-0971-7560,peer reviewed


8)Agar from different tissues of Gracilaria corticata

V.Sobha and G.Chitra

Seaweed Res.Utiln,36(1&2)2014,ISSN-0971-7560,Peer reviewed.


9)Biochemical studies on selected macroalgae of Thikkodi coast,Kerala.

Chitra.G and Dhanya U.D.

Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary.3(9)2015.IF-2.417,ISSN-2320-5083


10)Seaweeds of  Kerala Coast and their Utilization.

Chitra.G and Anjana P.A.

Proceedings of the 2nd National Biodiversity Congress held at Thiruvananthapuram,Feb 2015


11)Preliminary studies on the effect of bioactive substances of Hypnea musciformis (Wulf.) Lamour .on othe growth of seedlings in green gram,Vinga radiata L

Chitra Gopalakrishnan and Binumol.T.

Journal of Phytology.8(1)2016.Peer reviewed,1-6


12)Bioactive potentials of red seaweeds.Gracilaria corticata J.Ag., and Gracilaria follifera (Forssk.)Boergs

Chitra G and  Fincyrose K.F

.International journal of scientific research.5(3)2016.ISSN-2277-8179,IF -3.508 IC VALUE-69.18.,632-636.


13)Evaluation of antioxidants and phytochemical screening of Caulerpa peltata Lamour and Centroceras clavulatum(Ag.)(Mont.)

Dr.Chitra G and Razeena P.N

Indian Journal of Applied Research .7(10)2017.IF-4.894,640-642

Books published: with ISBN No., Without ISBN No., Chapters in books.

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Patents Applied/Granted: National. International, commercialized

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Consultancy services provided and revenue generated

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Conferences ,seminars, symposia and workshops organized as convener/coordinator

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Number of collaborations.

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Awards /recognitions received: International, National, State,

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Other information

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