By the term education, we mean the moulding of character and development of skill based on a value system which can contribute to national development and foster global competency. Our Institution aims at achieving the high ideals of Sree Narayana Guru who professed the welfare of all without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.

As the majority of our students hail from backward classes, it is our duty to uplift these marginalized sections to the main stream of social life. Hence we focus on access and quality assurance. We stand for academic excellence, social justice and character formation based on human values. These goals are achieved and sustained through internal quality checks, team work, proper planning and modernization of teaching-learning process.

Our academic activities are being pursued with a strong link to the society in the neighborhood. We carry out our extension activities along with the teaching-learning process.

The courses offered in the campus provide opportunity for the college to impart value based education, covering ideals such as universal brotherhood, international peace, national integration, secularism, social justice, women empowerment, scientific temperament and human rights.

Special emphasis is being given to provide community orientation in all our activities. Efforts are being made to integrate academic activities with social issues.

We always strive to achieve academic excellence, character formation, empowerment of the oppressed and social justice. Most of our students belong to backward classes and among them the majority is girl students. Hence undoubtedly, we are playing a crucial role in contributing to social and occupational mobility of the marginalized social groups especially women and oppressed classes in the area.

We never intend to rest on our laurels. We do continue our efforts to elevate this ‘temple of learning’, a centre radiating knowledge for the empowerment of the marginalized, to attain social justice and also to inculcate basic virtues in the minds of new generation.